Baby Doll Pinot Noir 2017

Baby Doll Pinot Noir

Category: Red Wines | Type: Pinot Noir | Year: 2017 | Region: Marlborough | Country: New Zealand | Size: 750 ml

Our award-winning Marlborough Pinot Noir is silky-smooth elegance. Excellent on its own or as a companion to one of your favourite hearty weekend-wonders, this Pinot has gorgeous earthy-savoury notes as well as vibrancy, purity and structure. Guaranteed to excite the senses!

This Pinot Noir draws you in with notes of mocha and spice and elevates you with the taste of juicy red cherries, gentle tannins and a gloriously subtle toasty finish. Superb on its own or paired with duck, lamb or Mediterranean roasted vegetables.

Marlborough is a fantastic region for realising the full potential of grape varieties. With its mild springs, largely dry summers and consistently cool nights, we get this great extended growing season that means we can leave grapes on the vines until they reach their ideal ripeness. Our Pinot Noir vines are perfectly suited to this climate, the wines bursting with lively red berry flavours and balanced with earthy savoury notes resulting in wines that are vibrant and pure.

We harvested our low-yielding Pinot Noir vines when they were perfectly ripe. Each parcel was inoculated using selected yeasts designed to enhance the delicate characters of the varietal. During the fast, hot fermentation we carried out regular plunging to help craft an elegant and balanced wine. The parcels were then gently pressed-off and aged with French oak while undergoing malolactic fermentation, where the naturally tart-tasting acid in the grape must is transformed into a much more beautiful, softer-tasting acid. Finally we blended, stabilised and filtered before bottling.

Rp 413.000